Nostalgia Books etc. in Port Credit may have closed its doors many years ago but it is never forgotten.

Poem by Tracy Martin. Image by Ann Ivy Male.

Nostalgia –
In lucid dreams
I wander through the village
Past pawn shops and record stores
My fanciful fool’s paradise
The dream is as elusive as reality
What am I? I don’t know, put it down, and let it go

I’m wistful
For Sunday mornings
Drinking cappuccino, holding hands
That lazy smile on your lips
That easy laugh
A perfect day to follow our perfect night

Pausing at the used bookstore,
I stroke the cat who slumbers in the dusty beam
You lift the book from the wall
Gently bend the time-worn cover
And reveal a treasure waiting there

Wildflowers pressed between the pages
Flutter down onto the floor
Maple keys, chalky butterfly wings
Violet petals of aster and minute curving stalks of lily-of-the-valley
Still delicately scented with the fragrance of sunshine and meadow
Then suddenly, I am awake


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