HistDrama Summer Camp,2016

HistDrama in the Village of Port Credit


Words and Images by Mandy Orchard.

“Hear ye, Hear ye! A camp for thee!”

I don’t know about you, but I love stories from the past, and as a history and drama teacher; I found that re-enacting history makes it come alive.  My students will often beg me ,“ Ms. Orchard, when can we do HistDrama?”, therefore inspired by their enthusiasm came the idea for HersnHistory Productions. I knew I wanted to spend time with my son during the summer, so why not combine our interests and create a camp that offers our favourite types of play?   

Our Drama / Art / Dance Camp (for children ages 7-13), is where our participants will perform in a play based on a historic legend. They will pretend, travel through time and become famous heroes and heroines.  After daily games, painting, learning lines and choreography, they get into costume and the cast transforms as each member prepares their part for the end of the week.  Realizing that they are part of a team; they are excited to share the story, together, and it is now theirs to tell.

It is always a pleasure to create for the community you grew up in!  Our third season of HAH Productions Drama Art Dance Camp offers a collaboration of  local Port Credit talent.  I first met Bev Tang-Kong, co-owner of  Imagemaker, in 2012 when I entered her art gallery on Lakeshore Rd. East  to get advice on painting.  Once we realized how much we had in common, we played with the idea of combining our passions and someday working together. I was also introduced to the talented choreographer, Sharon Harvey and we decided to add  “Dance” to the camp –  forming the ensemble of  Drama,Art and Dance.

The camp is held at Port Credit’s First United Church –  a perfect setting.  The beauty, acoustics and flexibility of space allows the imagination to soar.  With our volunteers, talented staff and enthusiastic participants, our camp is a fun and exciting way to start off the summer by bringing history to life!

Please check out our flyer and Facebook page for more information, or email Mandy Orchard at hersnhistory@gmail.com.   https://www.facebook.com/HersnhistoryProductionsDramaArtCamp/


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