Creative Investing in our Kids


It would appear that when tuning into various media outlets, we are constantly reminded about investing in our children’s future. However, good investing is not only about money; equally the time put into giving children knowledge through creative experience yields the harvest that society as a whole can benefit from, and may I add in all capacities: academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For the past few years I have had the joy of teaching a group of children painting and drawing. This year, some graduated from grade 8 elementary school. I paralleled this by honouring them with a certificate of participation. Their consistent presence and desire to be in art class, has grown into a summer of doing art projects for the local community with HAH Productions, Capo Hair and Imagemaker Art Prints. What a great way to engage the minds of fourteen year olds.

By now readers are aware that there are lots of advantages to art whether visual, performing or music. From TED Talks to art schools, wellness centers and local pubs where creatives meet to share ideas – art is sustaining itself educationally by increasingly becoming a social and wellness activity. Apart from the visual outcome of a painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and group dynamics of community building, the benefits are mostly unseen. Those intangible outcomes such as greater abilities to concentrate, think creatively, complete and intuit are transferable skills. They enhance the brain’s ability to problem solve and can be applied individually and in a group setting. These fundamental attributes are very essential in today’s social and workplace environments that have become very fluid. Things move very quickly.  It is a knowledge that young and mature minds can apply to maintain a holistic balance in a world that is constantly evolving.

Parents who invest in their children’s creative needs and co-ordinate their time and finances around this concept are building a stronger foundation for them on many levels and I am privileged to know that my future society will be well structured and taken care of with teens of such minds. The rewards are beneficial all round.

Words – Bev Tang-Kong is a visual artist, author and arts educator. She works out of her studio in Port Credit and encourages others to develop artistically by offering art exhibits, classes, publishing, design and media at  Imagemaker Art Prints


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