About – Vibrant Port Credit




Welcome to Vibrant Port Credit!

Adding colour and vibrancy to a unique community.

Located in Southern Mississauga,Ontario – VPC has a rich indigenous history and inspiring natural surroundings including  the waterfront trail, Credit River and the shores of Lake Ontario. Add to this its iconic lighthouse and marina, its renowned summer music and arts festivals and now you have one vibrant destination!

While the street-scape of the West Village is lined with restaurants and bars featuring live music; creativity is what takes over the Artsy East Village. This is where you find art galleries, shops and a seasonal Farmer’s Market. VPC has a thriving small business community, and many of the local shopkeepers take pride in offering unique products and personable service.

My name is Ann Ivy Male, and I am the inspiration behind Vibrant Port Credit. I have lived in Port Credit for more than a decade and I am a freelance writer and photographer. With these skills, myself and a creative team intend to capture the arts and culture of this community through our lens. We will bring forth vibrant images and inspiring content. Our contributors are artists, musicians, chefs, poets and writers living in Port Credit and they are passionate about their surroundings. They are living vibrant – now how can we inspire you to live vibrant?

Contact : vibrantportcredit@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About – Vibrant Port Credit

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for your interest in Vibrant Port Credit – We are currently in the process of updating the website however we do have daily updates on our Facebook page (Vibrant – west of 6ix) and on Instagram (Vibrant Port Credit). Please e-mail us at vibrantportcredit.com with more details of your interest. Thanks! Ann


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